About the Kanthak Karate Martial Arts Program

About the Course

Instructor Karl Kanthak provides a complete recreational Karate program and safety training. Beginning through advanced classes are offered. An All-Student Demonstration or tournament is held quarterly.

The goal in this recreational program is to build competency in several basic techniques, and familiarity with martial arts in general. Competitive level and serious self-defense training requires much more frequent and intensive classes.

Beginner classes are usually divided into two age groups; kindergarten and first grade students (Ninja Turtles), and second grade through adult students.

K-1 Students (Ninja Turtles) work on basic motor skills, coordination, following directions, and concentration. Students also learn martial arts manners and when it is appropriate to use martial art skills.

2nd-Adult Students develop basic movements, defense skills, discipline, and fitness as well as learning martial arts manners and when it is appropriate to use martial art skills.

Classes are held twice a week in the evenings at the school, generally M/W or T/Th. Classes are offered year round. A M/W (T/Th) student may make up missed classes by attending a comparable (or lower belt) class on T/Th (M/W). Fridays and Saturdays are for free introductory classes and special classes. Occasionally free Bonus classes will be held on a Friday or Saturday that may also be used for make ups.

You may also arrange with the instructor to attend 3 classes per week or 4 classes per week.

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About the Instructor

Karl Kanthak has been involved in the martial arts since 1980. He has been an instructor since 1985. Mr. Kanthak has worked with Hazel Dell/ Clark College Community Ed., Vancouver Parks and Recreation, the Association for Retarded Citizens, Boy and Girl Scouts, and opened the Kanthak Family Karate School. Mr. Kanthak is dedicated to providing a high quality martial arts experience for everyone, regardless of physical ability. Back to Top

Belt Ranks

Students' progression is recognized with colored belts. Students in the Ninja Turtle (K-1) classes will go through the Jr. Gold and Jr. Orange ranks.


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The Academic Achiever Program

The Kanthak Karate Program recognizes students' efforts in school by granting good students the status of Academic Achievers. Students who achieve Academic Achiever Status have their names read at the Quarterly All-Student Demonstration, have their names printed in the Demo program, receive special Academic Achiever Certificates and have the right to display special Academic Achiever patches and stars on their uniforms.

To qualify as an Academic Achiever a student must earn a "B" average or above, or have his parents and teacher agree that his hard work and good attitude deserve recognition as an Academic Achiever.

To be recognized the student must turn in an application signed by a parent and teacher before each demo. The first time a student qualifies he can display the Academic Achiever Patch on his uniform under the school patch. Each subsequent term he qualifies he can add an Academic Achiever Star Patch under the Academic Achiever patch or under the US Flag patch. Back to Top

All Student Demonstrations

About every three months an all student demonstration is held. This is an opportunity for the students to show off some of what they've learned during to their friends and family.

All students are invited to perform. First all of the students work together in a large group, then they split into class groups to demonstrate the skills they've been working on. Some quarters students put together entertaining skits involving defense techniques and appropriate use of martial arts skills.

Academic Achievers are announced at the end of the demonstration. Students are encouraged, but not required, to wear uniform or Karate T-Shirts to the demo. Back to Top

Summer Picnic and Waterfight


Each summer we hold a Summer Picnic and Waterfight on a Saturday to which all current students, non-current students, and their families are invited. The picnic is held at Hathaway park in Washougal. This beautiful city park is located on the Washougal river and has public restrooms, playground equipment, picnic tables, and a baseball diamond.

The picnic is a potluck affair, with everyone bringing a desert or side dish for the potluck table and their own main dish and beverage. Every year brings a table full of wonderful foods to sample.

After lunch the waterfight begins. After posing for a group photograph, the combatants separate into two teams: the Under Twelves and the Over Twelves. The Over Twelves, which includes parents and older students and siblings, generally have the larger and more expensive water weapons but they are generally greatly outnumbered by the Under Twelves. A good time is had by all as we strictly enforce a No Shooting of Non-Combatants rule. Back to Top

Annual Do-It-Yourself Halloween Party

On a Thursday or Friday before Halloween each year we hold a Do-It-Yourself Halloween Party in a school cafeteria. Students wear costumes and bring a decoration and a finger food goody for the pot luck table. The first half hour is devoted to putting up the decorations and setting out the food. A back drop is set up for taking photos of everyone in their clever costumes. (Mr. Kanthak is always happy to pose with his students for photos.) Jack-o-Lanterns are set up for judging to win a ribbon.

When everything is set, the party begins, with people eating goodies and playing games--older students and parents take turns running carnival type games for the younger crowd. The party winds up with a drawing for prizes--many small & silly prizes leading up to the grand prize of a kick target.

To finish up our do-it-yourself party, everyone lends a hand in the clean up and takes home their decoration along with their game prizes and leftover goodies as they leave. Our annual party is very popular with our students. Back to Top

Day Camps

During "No School" days a day camp may be scheduled from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Students need to sign up in advance as a minimum of 10 students is required. Rates are $35/1 student, $60/2 students, $75/3 students.

Students bring a sack lunch, healthy snack, waterbottle, and sleeping bag, mat, blanket, or pillow for lounging. Activities include Karate workout, curiculum review, games, movie on video, rope climbing/swinging, horse stance tag, ball war--firing squad, and pad jumping, kicking and puching. Back to Top

Parents' Night Out Day Camps

On occasional Fridays an evening day camp may be scheduled from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Students need to sign up in advance as a minimum of 10 students is required. Rates are $25/1 student, $45/2 students, $60/3 students.

Students should eat dinner before they arrive. Students bring a healthy snack, waterbottle, and sleeping bag, mat, blanket, or pillow for lounging. The evening begins with a Karate workout and games and ends with a movie, and snacks. Back to Top

Coffee and Conversation with Mr. Kanthak

When his schedule permits, Mr. Kanthak likes to take a Saturday morning several times each year to sit in the school and invite his students and their parents to drop by and join him for coffee and conversation.

Mr. Kanthak does not have a chance to get acquainted during tightly scheduled class hours and this coffee is a chance for social chit chat with students and their parents. (Parents or students who have a serious concern should contact Mr. Kanthak for a private conference.) The coffee hour also gives Karate parents a chance to get aquainted.

When a Coffee Hour is announced, please sign up a the desk or call in to schedule a time. We like to schedule no more than 4 families in each 20 minute time slot. The Coffee Hour is usually scheduled from 9:00 am to Noon. Back to Top

Contact us at karl.k@kanthakkarate.com