Message From Mr. Kanthak
Regarding the Florida Abduction Tragedy

Dear Parents, Students, and Friends,

Most of you are aware of the situation that occurred in Florida recently, and many have also seen the videotape of the probable initiation of the abduction. After the normal horror a parent experiences watching the scene play out, please consider the manner in which the abduction occurred.

In the tape the abductor simply walks up to the girl, says something, then takes her by the arm and leads her away.

Please note this girl was 11 years old, 4th or 5th grade, and had probably sat through many safety talks and been admonished by her parents to watch out for strangers; yet none of this information seemed to be available to her at the time.

How is this possible? Because talking about safety concepts, while the indispensable first step in teaching someone to stay safe, does not often create a useable skill set. Children are quite literal, and need to be walked through the various possible situations that can occur. Safety talks do not usually address the additional factor of the adrenalin rush, confusion and fear that an unexpected encounter will create, or offer practice and techniques to cope with these emotions.

The most effective ways to begin to set safety concepts as useable skills and automatic responses in our children are role-play, rehearsal, and repetition. The first step is to teach the simple recognition of potentially dangerous situations. We then begin to work through appropriate responses. After familiarity is developed, more variations can be introduced. Ideally, strategies to put some increasing levels of pressure on the children while they practice can be added.

Please consider what we are asking of the children--to defy an adult, a person who may be literally several times larger, with years of experience to intimidate or trick the child. To put it into scale it would be like us confronting a 12-foot tall, 500 lb person.

The purpose of this letter is to provide a skeleton outline of the type of training a child will need to have any chance at all in the face of a possible assault. All families can and should commit some time and effort to assuring their children have the best possible preparation. Create and act out scenarios where your child can experience, and take the correct action.

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