Free Introductory Lessons

Mr. Kanthak offers a Free Introductory Lesson to interested students. This gives them an opportunity to try out a class, meet the instructor and ask any questions they may have. Register for a free lesson.


Enrollment is in fixed attendance classes to control size and constituency. Payment can be monthly or single payment for 3 months.

Standard enrollment is 2 classes per week, usually Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday options. Fridays and Saturdays will be occasional group classes, private lessons, seminars, make up classes, introductory classes and special events. Older students may arrange to attend 3 or 4 classes per week.

Family Rates Second and third family members can enroll at discounted rates. Additional family members beyond three can enroll at no additional cost.

Some Common Questions and Answers

What is the Academic Achiever Program?
Students recognized as Academic Achievers have earned the right to wear a special patch and stars on their uniform, and are awarded special certificates.

To qualify a student must have at least a "B" average (or have parent and teacher agree he deserves this status because of his hard work and good attitude).

Is this going to make my kid a bully?
No. Proper martial arts manners are an important part of the class. Students learn when it is and when it is not appropriate to use their martial arts skills.

Is there any actual hitting involved?
Not for beginning students. Intermediate and advanced students engage in light sparring with safety equipment.

I am not (my kid is not) a great athlete. Will I (he) be able to keep up in class?
Yes. Mr. Kanthak will not make demands you can't meet. Please let him know if you have a specific disability (bad knee, etc.).

Are there very many girls in the program?
The boys do outnumber the girls, but we do have several excellent girl students.

I'm an adult. All I see are kids. What about me?
Yes, we do have adults in this program.

Is this something I can do with my child?
Yes. We often have parent/child pairs in our classes. (Dads and Moms).

Are parents allowed to watch their children in class?
Yes. We have chairs set up for spectators.

My child is not in Kindergarten yet but would like to take lessons. Can he start now?
Four-year olds enroll in the PK-K class. Any child younger than 4 would need special permission from the instructor. Mr. Kanthak usually likes to see how they handle themselves in a class before he allows them to enroll.

My child should be in the PK-K class but we can't make that time. Can he enroll in the 1st-Adult class?
Talk to Mr. Kanthak for special permission to enroll a younger student in the 1st-Adult class. This works best if there is an older sibling or parent in the same class.

My 1st/2nd grader wants to take lessons but we can't make the 2nd-Adult time. Can he attend the PK-K class?
Yes, if he understands that he will be working with younger children and will not progress as fast as in the 1st-Adult Class. Check with Mr. Kanthak before enrolling an older student in the PK-K class.

My teenager wants to take classes but doesn't want to be in a class with a bunch of little kids. Any suggestions?
If enrollment is high, the 1st-Adult class may be split into two groups, one of older and one of younger students. If you leave a note about the problem, including your name and phone number, we can call and tell you if any other teens will be in the class, or if a separate older kids' class has opened up.

I would like to enroll but the class times don't work for me. Any chance you'll be adding more times?
On occasion we do add classes or adjust the schedule to deal with high or uneven enrollments. If you leave your name and number with a note about your situation we will give you a call if there are any changes in the schedule.

Do these students go to outside tournaments?
No. We do hold an in-house technique tournament occasionally.

What about belts and stuff? How often do students advance?
This program uses colored belts to indicate advancement. Mr. Kanthak evaluates the students throughout the class rather than in one pass/fail test.

Beginning students can usually expect to advance every 2-4 months. As students reach higher levels, the rate of advancement slows down.

Are there any other costs besides tuition?
Yes. Most cost are for optional items. T-Shirts, Uniforms, Patches, and Training Equipment, & Headbands are offered for sale at the school.

  • Uniforms: Uniforms are optional. You are not required to have one. If you wish, you can purchase a new uniform from us at $40 (includes belt & the 3 basic patches). You can buy a used one through our "Uniform Exchange Book", where students list their phone number, and the size and asking price of any outgrown uniforms they wish to sell. Some parents sew uniforms for their children. We sell all patches separately.

  • Special Patches: Students can earn the right to wear Black Belt Club patches ($5), Academic Achiever Patches ($5), or Academic Achiever Stars ($1). Students are not required to wear these. Students who earn academic achiever status will be presented with a certificate at no charge.

  • Belts:There is no fee for a belt or a belt-stripe. If you lose a belt and need to replace it there will be a $5 fee.

  • Tournament: Some quarters a technique tournament is held. There is a $20 registration fee. All participants receive a medal or trophy. Participation in tournaments is not required.

  • Special Classes: Special classes, such as the 2 hour High Intensity Training (HIT) classes may be offered on weekends. The fee is usually $20.

  • Day Camps: We often offer 9:00am-4:00pm day camps on no-school days at a cost of $35. Kids brown bag their lunches and spend the day practicing Karate, watching videos, and generally having a good time together.